Soccer Shots Bldg


The keys to successful projects are identified well before we ever put pen to paper. Prior to submitting our proposal, we visit your site, talk to regulatory agencies, and thoroughly research municipal ordinances that could impact your project. As a result, you get a comprehensive list of required services, expected deliverables, a description of potential challenges, and a detailed breakdown of engineering fees. In other words…no surprises.

While good design is inherently important, we understand that meeting the schedule can mean the difference between success or failure of our client’s business goals. We provide a truthful assessment of the project’s time frame from the outset, maintain ongoing communication with regulatory agencies, and find creative solutions to keep projects on track.

Representative Clients

Hershey Entertainment & Resorts Sheetz, Inc.
Soccer Shots M. S. Hershey Foundation
Pennsylvania State Employees Credit Union Dunkin’ Donuts
WCI Partners Harrisburg Mall
Planet Fitness Harrisburg Hilton
Hilton Garden Inn

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